So, I've finished my novel and we're looking for an editor to actually edit it away from all the grammar mistakes that I have inevitably made. Typos and the like. 
My Okaa-san has gotten a ton of recommendations from her friends via Facebook (wonderfull thing Facebook. Let's you keep in touch even several states away...) and now she's just looking at prices. So hopefully soon, we'll decide on one and send it off into the World Wide Web to be read. 
And my sequel, Redemption? Weeeelll.... It's called Mercy in Redemption now. But it's on haitus right now because of my wandering inspiration at the moment. 
Which leads me to my current work in progress, a novel that has warped into a story that's set before my first novel! It has to deal with time travel, portals warping that time and a circus. 
It's called The Wind Rages and will be the first in a possible series of it's own, possibly a prequel of OSC's trilogy even! 
That'd be fun! I think I'll go with that one. Have fun people! 
So, as you all know I've been working on my novel, "OF SECOND CHANCES". I am proud to say that just recently, I've finished the darn thing. 
So, three years of work, sweat and tears are now over. I... don't really know what to do with myself anymore! 
I am trying to write some stories, and the sequel to OSC, but the sequel, Redemption is being kinda... stubborn
So I'm letting it kinda simmer in the background while I search for stuff to actually start the thing. Because I know what I want for it but the words don't want to be coming out. 
meh I hate stubborn scenes. They aren't any fun! 
Well, I'll keep you all posted on when my book gets published! ...whenever that is....
We all know how THAT went...
But this time, me and my Nakama are doing a group project which will hopefully keep me up and running along with them... Lets cross our fingers, yeah?
So! No one has been commenting on here. It's very hard to continue posting stuff if I don't have feedback... I thrive off of feedback! It makes me wanna post more... So please even if you're just glancing by would you comment? Thanks :)
So my friend (forever and hence forth called North due to seeing RotG together with the rest of my Nakama) does pretty good drawings of chibi anime characters.
I decided that as such that she could try to draw OF SECOND CHANCES as a Manga.
I haven't seen it yet... I hope I can see it before I leave... :/
Holy carp I'm moving to a new place tomorrow! O.O this is HUGE for me! I've never moved away from my homestate before! It's.... Exciting... And a little terrifying. But a new adventure is around the corner! Yatta!
So, I am a fangirl of several serieses, BBC Sherlock, BBC Merlin, BBC Doctor Who (BBC, why you have such good script writers?!) and the movie Rise of the Guardians.
There are most likely several reasons:
A. the music is phenomenal!
B. there are AWESOME accents.
C. the acting and story are superb! 
There I got it out of my system! XD
me liking the concept of Guardians so much?"
I ask this to myself several times a day. 
I mean, I went to go see Rise of the Guardians a week ago (it was awesome by the way, more on that later though) and I've noticed that whenever I write a story idea down, there's some kind of Guardian mentioned. 
And in my (WIP) novel, OF SECOND CHANCES, I have Guardians who protect the world from various dangers...but failed, because they're, well... mortal and not infallible gods.  
I think I just like the idea that Somebody up there is looking out for us, being either Guardian Angels, a loving God or even the Man in the Moon (what have you). 
I like the idea that we are not alone in this universe, that we are cared for, even if it seems like we are invisible and ignored by that Being up there in the sky. It gives me a sense of hope, in a time when hope seems to be fading. 
So I love the stories with people who look out for others, be it with their special powers, or just by a small act of kindness. I hope my novel will be like that, a story that may seem hopeless at times then has something so wonderful and beautiful at the end that leaves you hopeful and smiling. 
It's my wish for that to happen for someone. For that person who may have a really rough fight with life at that point in time but can come out of reading it saying, "Yeah, I can do this. Keep on going." 
So, in my own way, I think that I'd be a Guardian. A steward over my little share of Light and Hope, a bearer of something a little...More than me. 
Merry Christmas.
Mira Stone
I am so sorry! I didn't mean to leave everyone hanging with the last post but I had just gotten swept up with R.L. and writers block on what to write!!!!! So I'm REALLY sorry!
I didn't mean for that to happen...
I really didn't.... but to make up for it I have an anouncement!
I am now 43 chapters into my novel and I've estimated that (from the pattern emerging) it'll be a total of 70+ chapters! ^_^
It'll be awesome!
Hello everyone! As is said on my Home page, I'm relatively new here. But, my writing isn't so new. I've been writing since I was in first grade! I currently have two wait, that's actually a lie, I have about four projects all floating in the air actually!
I'm trying to complete my first Novel but that's kinda in a bit of Writers Block right at the moment as my mind and muses have focused on my second major project.

My second major project is that of a continuous series called Remember the Name, which is on this website if you want to check it out.

Remember the Name will be updated weekly on Saturday. If I don't update, it's usually due to Real Life interfering with my writing, which can happen due to School, well meaning parents, writers block and events out of  my control.

My third project isn't as major but is still one my mind is focusing on. It's a help book to help beginner writers to plot out their books, since I've been to many conferences and I've heard a lot of ways to plot out your book. I've even created one on accident!
The details will be explained further in my book which hasn't been named as of yet.

My fourth project is a simple but grueling one. I'm making a child's book, for my younger cousins and my younger brother who all love picture books. I have finished the story and drawings and now they are being colored in by Photoshop. It's also taking longer than expected.

I'm still having fun, it's just that my first project seems to be on a hold for now until ideas come flowing back in.
So what do you people do when your inspiration leaves and (in my case) goes to another project?